Shaving Soap vs Cream Faceoff

When it comes to shaving, especially facial hair, there are plenty of options in terms of shaving soap, shaving cream, shaving gel and other potions and lotions to help get the job done. You may be wondering what the differences are among these shaving products, especially between soap and cream – let’s explore what makes each unique, the pros and cons, and more details about what they can each add to your shaving regimen.

What are the advantages of shaving soap?
Shaving soap is a condensed version of shaving cream, basically because it comes in bar form and you whip it yourself. Many people believe this extra step is all for show, but the whipping allows you to determine how thick or fluffy your lather will be – which is a perk when all shaving creams are aerated and light regardless. Shaving soap lasts a long time and you will hardly need to run to the shave shop to get it. Shaving soap is more of a “hobby” for some, shaving enthusiasts will go to great heights to find a high quality shaving soap. Many men enjoy the experience of using shaving soap – it is authentic, traditional and shows that there is some craft to shaving.

What are the advantages of shaving cream?
Shaving cream is incredibly popular in the shaving aisle – in fact, you may not even see any shaving soap in your local stores. It is typically aerated, so if you like that consistency, you have your shaving product. There is an ease to using shaving cream, you simply buy a can and go – so if you’re in a rush or a busy worker, you may benefit from a simple can versus lathering up the soap. While you probably cannot be a shaving cream connoisseur like with soap, you can certainly explore difference brands and consistencies to find a cream that is best for you.

What are the disadvantages of shaving soap?
Many will rant and rave about shaving soap and its benefits, from being made of healthier products to allowing more flexibility, but there are a few disadvantages. Shaving soap requires a certain technique, the whipping technique, so you need to get good at doing that. Along with the whipping, the consistency of the soap will differ, so you need to be aware of that as you shave. Shaving soap can be considered an art as well, and if you are not, well, good at it, it may not be the best for you. Also, it takes time to whip the soap, clean up, and so on, so if you are in a rush, canned cream may be better for you.

What are the disadvantages of shaving cream?
Shaving cream is light, airy and generally the same. There are new types of cream on the market, including gels, and they are becoming more popular as a difference consistencies. Many believe that the more airy the cream, the less close your shave will be. Also, a lot of canned creams are made up of a lots of chemicals and unnatural products. Many argue that shaving cream is “unnatural” and not the original method of shaving – therefore, not better.

Now it is up to you to decide which product is best for all your shaving needs – or maybe a mix of both? Either way, there are plenty of benefits to either product. Whether you use shaving soap or shaving cream – here’s to a smooth shave!

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