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How To Strop A Razor Blade

If you are new to using a straight razor, you may be wondering what in the world is a razor strop and what are the methods used to hone and strop a straight razor.  Stropping a razor involves running the blade along a surface in order to refresh or sharpen the blade for use.  There are plenty of ways to strope a safety razor, strop a disposable razor or strop a razor cartridge as well. Stropping a razor is one of the most important things that you can do to ensure that your straight razor has a long life and is being properly maintained.

There are plenty of methods to stropping a razor.  The most popular materials used to make a strop are leather and canvas.  One popular way, when a leather or canvas strop is not available, is to strop your razor on jeans.  Jeans offer an abrasive, yet soft surface that allows you to maintain your razor blade as well as even sharpen it further.  The more refined the edge of the razor, the more you will notice the effect of stropping.  You will remove fine burrs from the blade by stropping on jeans.

If you are looking for polishing, you may need to use a stronger surface. Many people also strop their razors on newspaper, which has a similar effect, by cleaning the burrs and lightly sharpening your blade.  These methods are basically refreshing your razor blade.  Some people report that stropping a razor blade on your arm can sharpen a blade.  This method can be used in conjunction with regular sharpening to keep your razor blade in shape.

When it comes to stropping a safety razor, many do not choose to do this because stropping a disposable razor is often “a waste of time.”  The quality and price of the blade may make it not worth it for many. However, there are plenty of non-disposable safety razors and these definitely need to be stropped and honed. You can do this along a similar surface as a straight razor, using similar methods, and across the same surfaces.

To strop a disposable razor, simply run it along jeans, a newspaper, your arm or a professional device around 20 times one way and then 20 times the other way for a smooth and cleaned blade.  To strop a disposable razor cartridge, simply place it on a handle and do the same process.  Stropping and honing your disposable razors increases their lifespan and keeps them sharp and like-new for affordable, yet professional shaving results.

When you strop your razor blades, you are increasing their shelf life as well as ensuring that you will get a smooth and close shave every time you use your blade.  It is important to keep your blades clean and sharp.  The stropping process makes sure to touch on both.  For the best shave, be sure to follow these instructions and regularly strop your blades after every use.  Whether you are using a straight razor or a safety razor, your blade is the most important part of your shave and any shaver can quickly learn the skills to maintain your blades to their fullest potential.