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Old Fashioned Shaving Sets

If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for a male loved one, it can seem extremely difficult unless they straight forwardly give you a list of what they want and how they want it. Shaving kits and gift sets have been a fan favorite among men for quite some time now – making it both a fun gift to get and a practical one that they can use multiple times a week. Here are some of the top for old fashioned shaving sets perfect for the men in your life.

Van Der Hagen Men’s Luxury, Shave Set

This is an extremely fairly priced shave set that is perfect for the man in your life who you think deserves to look good and extremely well put together. The set comes with a brush that’s 100 percent pure badger hair, cleansing and great smelling hypo-allergenic shave soap for even the most sensitive of skin, a monogrammed classic apothecary mug and a razor stand. Simply reading the reviews of the kit will tell you all that you need to know about how well the kit works for them, and how it’ll do the same for you. It’s a great starter kit for guys just learning to shave, or even the ones that know exactly what they’re doing.

Van Der Hagen Premium Shave Set

This is another small, well priced and simple kit by Van Der Hagen, which will provide you with all of the simplistic needs that come along with shaving! It comes equipped with a hypo-allergenic shave soap that is composed of 40 percent humectants that will help soften and smooth even the toughest and longest of beards. The ceramic bowl provided is shallow to help reduce the amount of tipping and the overall mess from your shave, making lathering as easy as possibly by holding the shave cake in place and the bowl fitting perfectly into the palm of your hand. The 100 percent natural boar bristle of the brush will give you an amazing overall comfort level and leave you excited to do your next shave. Reviews show that the soap provided lasts for months and won’t continually make you need to re-buy, saving you money in the end.

Beautiful Store Shaving Set

This set is the priciest of the shaving sets on the list, but still a great value for the amount of tools and necessities you get in the package – not to mention, the great quality of the product. Buying this once could last your loved one a life time. The set comes fully equipped with a Merkur safety razor, a bowl, shaving soap, badger brush, a stand and safety razor. The set comes designed with a stunning chrome finish that really adds an extreme amount of class to the set that would help make this the perfect gift for a brother, boyfriend, husband, father, or any man in you feel deserves such a wonderful package. Perfect for the man who loves a close shave and would rather stray from using electric razors.

Omege 46065 Shaving Set

If you’re looking for the perfect, mid-range priced shaving kit that is a perfect launching pad for someone just getting into shaving, then this one is the perfect catalyst for you and your loved ones to look into. This shaving gift set comes stocked with an omega boar hair brush, an omega shaving soap, a bowl and a plastic brush stand that’ll allow your brush to air dry after use and be good as new each time. Avid users of the product say the love how compact it is and how it takes up little space in their already crowded bathroom areas. This kit is the perfect first step for learning how to do a wet shave, and the soap does a magnificent job lathering the facial hair, leaving it healthy and smelling fresh — which is just some of the many reasons why the kit has such a high rating.

Bald With Beard – Go Sly!

You’re faced with the decision to shave your head and beard or take of the top and leave the beard.  To you it feels like your decision will affect everyone you meet.  But the truth, those that don’t know you will not have any feelings about it.  Those that know you as an acquaintance will notice, but soon forget.  Finally, those that are close to you will have something to say, but will appreciate that you are being you by expressing the look you want to wear.

The decision really isn’t that hard.  It’s only hair and will grow back; well, at least the parts that still grow.  And the beard, it can be shaven if you decide you don’t want it anymore.

Some Reason You May Want A Shaven Head With A Beard When You Are Balding

If you have had some sort of facial hair your entire adult life, getting rid of it because you are balding doesn’t make sense.  The beard gives you that masculine feature that says you are a man.  It also can make you feel bare.

Some big men like to wear a beard with a bald head because it helps define their jawline.  This is also true for men with small chins.  The beard can help beef up the lower part of your face.

Another good reason to go with a bald head with a beard is it makes you look like a rough dude.  If you want to come across as someone not to be messed with, then this is definitely the look for you.  For whatever reason, many people attribute this look to toughness.

Ways To Style It

There are four main ways you can style your beard with a bald head.

  • Short full beard
  • Long full beard
  • Full beard with neckline
  • Full beard with no neckline
  • Goatee

Short Full Beard

A short, full beard with a bald head will reflect a refined quality about you.  It says you are particular about details.  It also implies that you groom regularly.

Long Full Beard

The long, full beard with a bald head speaks of strength and longevity.  You were willing to wait for that beard to grow and now tend to your flock like a strong shepard.  The biggest challenge with a long beard is keeping it clean and presentable.

Full Beard with Neckline

A long beard or a short beard can be trimmed to have a neckline.  The neckline helps to define your jaw.  It also, to some, says you care.  This look is considered ‘clean.’

Full Beard with no Neckline

Again, this can be worn as a long beard or a short beard.  This is considered to be a rough look.  You have to be careful with this.  In some cases, you beard and head hair could reach each other.  This would then make you look like some kind of beast.


The goatee is a very conservative look.  It can be worn long or short.  You can also create some interest by letting you goatee grow out a little thick and then letting some of your other facial hair fill in.

Shaving your head bald doesn’t have to be the end of the beard.  Done right, it can enhance your look.  Give it some thought and you will be able to portray yourself the way you want.

How To Strop A Razor Blade

If you are new to using a straight razor, you may be wondering what in the world is a razor strop and what are the methods used to hone and strop a straight razor.  Stropping a razor involves running the blade along a surface in order to refresh or sharpen the blade for use.  There are plenty of ways to strope a safety razor, strop a disposable razor or strop a razor cartridge as well. Stropping a razor is one of the most important things that you can do to ensure that your straight razor has a long life and is being properly maintained.

There are plenty of methods to stropping a razor.  The most popular materials used to make a strop are leather and canvas.  One popular way, when a leather or canvas strop is not available, is to strop your razor on jeans.  Jeans offer an abrasive, yet soft surface that allows you to maintain your razor blade as well as even sharpen it further.  The more refined the edge of the razor, the more you will notice the effect of stropping.  You will remove fine burrs from the blade by stropping on jeans.

If you are looking for polishing, you may need to use a stronger surface. Many people also strop their razors on newspaper, which has a similar effect, by cleaning the burrs and lightly sharpening your blade.  These methods are basically refreshing your razor blade.  Some people report that stropping a razor blade on your arm can sharpen a blade.  This method can be used in conjunction with regular sharpening to keep your razor blade in shape.

When it comes to stropping a safety razor, many do not choose to do this because stropping a disposable razor is often “a waste of time.”  The quality and price of the blade may make it not worth it for many. However, there are plenty of non-disposable safety razors and these definitely need to be stropped and honed. You can do this along a similar surface as a straight razor, using similar methods, and across the same surfaces.

To strop a disposable razor, simply run it along jeans, a newspaper, your arm or a professional device around 20 times one way and then 20 times the other way for a smooth and cleaned blade.  To strop a disposable razor cartridge, simply place it on a handle and do the same process.  Stropping and honing your disposable razors increases their lifespan and keeps them sharp and like-new for affordable, yet professional shaving results.

When you strop your razor blades, you are increasing their shelf life as well as ensuring that you will get a smooth and close shave every time you use your blade.  It is important to keep your blades clean and sharp.  The stropping process makes sure to touch on both.  For the best shave, be sure to follow these instructions and regularly strop your blades after every use.  Whether you are using a straight razor or a safety razor, your blade is the most important part of your shave and any shaver can quickly learn the skills to maintain your blades to their fullest potential.

Shaving Soap vs Cream Faceoff

When it comes to shaving, especially facial hair, there are plenty of options in terms of shaving soap, shaving cream, shaving gel and other potions and lotions to help get the job done. You may be wondering what the differences are among these shaving products, especially between soap and cream – let’s explore what makes each unique, the pros and cons, and more details about what they can each add to your shaving regimen.

What are the advantages of shaving soap?
Shaving soap is a condensed version of shaving cream, basically because it comes in bar form and you whip it yourself. Many people believe this extra step is all for show, but the whipping allows you to determine how thick or fluffy your lather will be – which is a perk when all shaving creams are aerated and light regardless. Shaving soap lasts a long time and you will hardly need to run to the shave shop to get it. Shaving soap is more of a “hobby” for some, shaving enthusiasts will go to great heights to find a high quality shaving soap. Many men enjoy the experience of using shaving soap – it is authentic, traditional and shows that there is some craft to shaving.

What are the advantages of shaving cream?
Shaving cream is incredibly popular in the shaving aisle – in fact, you may not even see any shaving soap in your local stores. It is typically aerated, so if you like that consistency, you have your shaving product. There is an ease to using shaving cream, you simply buy a can and go – so if you’re in a rush or a busy worker, you may benefit from a simple can versus lathering up the soap. While you probably cannot be a shaving cream connoisseur like with soap, you can certainly explore difference brands and consistencies to find a cream that is best for you.

What are the disadvantages of shaving soap?
Many will rant and rave about shaving soap and its benefits, from being made of healthier products to allowing more flexibility, but there are a few disadvantages. Shaving soap requires a certain technique, the whipping technique, so you need to get good at doing that. Along with the whipping, the consistency of the soap will differ, so you need to be aware of that as you shave. Shaving soap can be considered an art as well, and if you are not, well, good at it, it may not be the best for you. Also, it takes time to whip the soap, clean up, and so on, so if you are in a rush, canned cream may be better for you.

What are the disadvantages of shaving cream?
Shaving cream is light, airy and generally the same. There are new types of cream on the market, including gels, and they are becoming more popular as a difference consistencies. Many believe that the more airy the cream, the less close your shave will be. Also, a lot of canned creams are made up of a lots of chemicals and unnatural products. Many argue that shaving cream is “unnatural” and not the original method of shaving – therefore, not better.

Now it is up to you to decide which product is best for all your shaving needs – or maybe a mix of both? Either way, there are plenty of benefits to either product. Whether you use shaving soap or shaving cream – here’s to a smooth shave!