Bald With Beard – Go Sly!

You’re faced with the decision to shave your head and beard or take of the top and leave the beard.  To you it feels like your decision will affect everyone you meet.  But the truth, those that don’t know you will not have any feelings about it.  Those that know you as an acquaintance will notice, but soon forget.  Finally, those that are close to you will have something to say, but will appreciate that you are being you by expressing the look you want to wear.

The decision really isn’t that hard.  It’s only hair and will grow back; well, at least the parts that still grow.  And the beard, it can be shaven if you decide you don’t want it anymore.

Some Reason You May Want A Shaven Head With A Beard When You Are Balding

If you have had some sort of facial hair your entire adult life, getting rid of it because you are balding doesn’t make sense.  The beard gives you that masculine feature that says you are a man.  It also can make you feel bare.

Some big men like to wear a beard with a bald head because it helps define their jawline.  This is also true for men with small chins.  The beard can help beef up the lower part of your face.

Another good reason to go with a bald head with a beard is it makes you look like a rough dude.  If you want to come across as someone not to be messed with, then this is definitely the look for you.  For whatever reason, many people attribute this look to toughness.

Ways To Style It

There are four main ways you can style your beard with a bald head.

  • Short full beard
  • Long full beard
  • Full beard with neckline
  • Full beard with no neckline
  • Goatee

Short Full Beard

A short, full beard with a bald head will reflect a refined quality about you.  It says you are particular about details.  It also implies that you groom regularly.

Long Full Beard

The long, full beard with a bald head speaks of strength and longevity.  You were willing to wait for that beard to grow and now tend to your flock like a strong shepard.  The biggest challenge with a long beard is keeping it clean and presentable.

Full Beard with Neckline

A long beard or a short beard can be trimmed to have a neckline.  The neckline helps to define your jaw.  It also, to some, says you care.  This look is considered ‘clean.’

Full Beard with no Neckline

Again, this can be worn as a long beard or a short beard.  This is considered to be a rough look.  You have to be careful with this.  In some cases, you beard and head hair could reach each other.  This would then make you look like some kind of beast.


The goatee is a very conservative look.  It can be worn long or short.  You can also create some interest by letting you goatee grow out a little thick and then letting some of your other facial hair fill in.

Shaving your head bald doesn’t have to be the end of the beard.  Done right, it can enhance your look.  Give it some thought and you will be able to portray yourself the way you want.

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